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AlicanteAlicante is a city on the coast medierránea, capital of the Province of Alicante belonging to Valencia (see map).

* Area of the municipality of Alicante: 201.27 km ².
* Number of inhabitants: 334 757
* Distance from Alicante to other cities: Valencia: 182 km, Madrid: 432 km, Barcelona: 544 km

Alicante has a dry Mediterranean climate, with mild temperatures throughout the year and very little rain. Temperatures range between 16.8 º and 6.2 º in January and 30.6 º and 20.4 º in August, with the average annual temperature of 17.8 º. For this reason, Alicante is a popular tourist destination within the Spanish geography.

The city has more than three thousand years of history, as revealed by the first archaeological remains found in the Cova del Fum in Fontcalent.

AlicanteThe first inhabited areas are located on the slopes of Mount Benacantil, where it is believed that there was an Iberian town.
Old Casci - AlicanteEl first town itself dates back to the fourth century BC where it is located in Manises Tossal, the Iberian-Roman colony Lucentum.

Throughout Roman produced the Arab conquest. The village moved to the hillside Benacantil for defensive reasons, creating the Vila Vella.

In 1247, after the conquest of the town for Castilla by the Infante Alfonso, the future Alfonso X the Wise, happen to know the name of Vila Nova.
In 1249 Jaime II incorporated the town of Alicante and the Kingdom of Valencia and two centuries later, in 1490, Fernando Alicante Católicoconcedió to the rank of city.

AlicanteAlicante nineteenth century progress takes over the city with the arrival of the railroad Alicante-Madrid, the inauguration of the new lighting and urban development that eliminates the walls and create new neighborhoods.

In the twentieth century is the birth place of the Bonfires of San Juan, party considered to be of International Tourist Interest, the opening of the University of Alicante and the appointment in 1993 as headquarters of the European Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM), the agency most important autonomous EU.


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