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In 1609, Philip III issued a decree for the explusion of the moriscos (Moors that had converted to Christianity) from Valencia. This order was carried out more or less everywhere except in two regions; Valle de Cofrentes and La Marina. In La Marina, at the order of their improvised King Mellini (Ahmed Sequien Al-Mellini, a miller from Guadalest) and with the colaboration of Ezme, the beautiful witch from Laguar, 1500 rebels converged around the green horse (a magic mountain), the modern day Vall de Laguart rock, and the villages of Campeill, Fleix and Benimaurell, ready to resist the Italian regiment.

This was a decisive and tragic moment in Spain's history, which brought about the defeat and expulsion of our forebears to Barbary, and the end of an important and unknown chapter of our own history.

One thing should be made clear: the expelled moriscos were not Arabs from the desert. They were Spanish, native to Valencia, Alicante, and La Marina. They were just as Spanish as the Christians who remained here. The expulsion and its dramatic consequences were the result of a clash between two communities from the same land. We are descendants of and heirs to both communities.

Ezzme de Laguart, 1580-1609: sorceress and healer. She incited people to rebel against the expulsion edict by spreading the prophecy of the green horse.

Ezme, a morisco name just like Aitana, Aixa, Erina, Genie, Hania, Nexme, Yae, Zadia, Zahara, Zoayra... highly typical of this community.

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