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University of Alicante

University of AlicanteThe University of Alicante was founded in October 1979 on the structure of the Centre for University Studies (CEU), which had commenced operations in 1968. Alicante recovered in this way the university suspended in 1834 when it closed after two centuries of existence, its predecessor, the University of Orihuela. The University of Orihuela was created by Papal Bull in 1545 and remained open its doors for two centuries (1610-1808). The province of Alicante, therefore, has significant university tradition of rich heritage which gives a good account of the current College of Santo Domingo, the old University building in Orihuela, now recovered, thanks to an agreement between the diocese and the university.

In this more recent university studies in the course resumed from 1968 to 1969 with only 230 students for grilling at present nearly 33,000 students, being the fastest growing university with a proportion of students among all the Spanish State.
The University of Alicante, after nearly twenty years, presents a very significant potential for economic development of the province which is fourth in total GDP of Spain. About fifty degrees, more than seventy units and university departments and research groups in areas of Social Sciences and Law, Experimental Technology, Humanities, Education and Health Sciences, five research Institutes projected research activity of the most prestigious the country.

Alicante's UniversityOur university is the first company in the province of Alicante with over 2,000 employees (teaching and service) and an annual budget of around 15,000 million pesetas. It is a must for many companies with which it has contracts for technical assistance, technology transfer, trainees, graduate, continuing education ... It is also a point of reference in international relations: agreements, locations, mobility and exchange, cooperation between various innovative projects in various parts of the world.

Our Area Industrial Testing and Research Services (Ground Zero Analytical Experimental Pilot Plants, Laboratories, Center for Data Processing Systems Advanced Information and Documentation, European Documentation Centre, Centre for Entrepreneurship, Area Business Practices Initiatives Cabinet GIPE-Employment-Office of Research Results Transfer-OTRI-European Liaison Centre for the Mediterranean-CENEMES-Vice President for New Technologies, Image Workshop, International Relations ...)

AlicanteAll this in what is considered one of the best campuses in Europe: a million square meters with the best urban design, the most innovative architecture in a framework of environmental excellence (green areas, landscape design, pedestrian areas, cultural, sports , education ...) and a wide variety of services.
The university environment is located in the most strategic area of the province and the Spanish Mediterranean: direct communication with the A-7 (Autopista del Mediterráneo) and highway crossroad in forming inside the boundaries of the campus. Five minutes from the capital of the province, ten Altet International Airport, less than twenty minutes from the main industrial areas, less than fifteen minutes of play areas nearby (residential, beaches, golf courses ...) and a rail line that circles the campus and future West Science Park.

In addition to the strong commitment to innovation and technology, the University of Alicante reaches heights of the most prestigious in the field of its strong commitment to culture and heritage. One of the best European university museums, the Archaeological Park of La Alcudia, the best building Renaissance Valencian university building for two centuries in Orihuela (1610-1808): Historic University of Orihuela, the medieval Contal Cocentaina Palau, Palau houses Benissa ... encourage a growing prestige in national and international environment.

In this environment, the University aims to gradually set up one of the best Science Parks in the world. It aims to be materializing progressively infrastructure investments and equipment requested for teaching and research university completed a first class infrastructure in the European environment.


University of Alicante

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